• Persona Building for a Luxurious Villa Community



    • ROLE IN PROJECT: My role in this project is to build the pesronas for potential buyers.
    • PROJECT GOAL: To recognize the potential buyer's personas, then to craft the marketing process accordingly.
    • TARGET AUDIENCE: Anyone with 1M USD annual income.
    • KEY CHALLENGES: The target audience refuses to participate any survey.

    UX Research

    • We used personal connections to reach out with people who have potential to buy the property.

    • We interviewed 12 people of different backgrounds and build 5 different personas.

    Design Concept

    • We developed 5 different concept to serve 5 different personas, and then generated the total concept above the 5 segmented concept.

    UX Design

    • WIREFRAME: We design showroom according to persona.

    • USER TEST: No need to conduct user testing.

    • MOCKUPS: We develop the showroom directly.

    • HI-FI PROTOTYPES: We develop the showroom directly.

    • FINAL DESIGNS: We develop the showroom directly.


    • The personas worked well for the rest of marketing initiatives.

    • How can we test a on ground space in a less expensive way? 3D model? That will be a good question to discover.