• Truth Church Official Website Revamp



    • ROLE IN PROJECT: My role in this project is to conduct UX research and design the wireframes and prototype.
    • PROJECT GOAL: To revamp the official website and reflect the new brand identity and brand proposition.
    • TARGET AUDIENCE: Primarily targeted at non-members, secondarily targeted at current church members.
    • KEY CHALLENGES: The website needs to build on Wordpress platform.

    UX Research

    • I built personas from data of current platform and also from interviews with stakeholders.

    • 4 personas were built, which are non-members (unconverted), non-members(converted), current church members, and volunteering leaders.

    Design Concept

    • The core design concept is "For the many" which allows different users with various purpose to get what they need.

    • The IA and sitemap discussed later determined the layout of the new website to be "Grid of Cards" design.

    UX Design

    • WIREFRAME: to adopt the "Grid of Cards" design.

    • USER TEST: We conducted internal testing by using Heuristic Website Reviews method and optimize the site.

    UX Design

    • MOCKUPS & HI-FI PROTOTYPES: as the picture showed.

    • FINAL DESIGNS: The website is still work in progress. Will go live at www.truth.org.tw shortly.


    • The project is keeping collecting feedbacks and learnings from all stakeholders.

    • However, we do see some improvement area such as ideation process and user testing.