• Time Giving Project



    • ROLE IN PROJECT: My role in this project is to conduct UX research and design the wireframes and prototype.
    • PROJECT GOAL: To design a new user experience for Time Giving Project through its official website.
    • TARGET AUDIENCE: Urban, white collars, who are seeking for a greater meaning of life and the time they spend.
    • KEY CHALLENGES: It's a pro bono project. No budget.

    UX Research

    • Interviewed with users who are willing to give time to others in need.

    • Tested whether users are welcoming the banking account concept when they manage their time.

    Design Concept

    • Utilized personal banking account concept to build the app

    • Users 'invest in' their time and make it into a more meaningful thing on this planet.

    UX Design

    • WIREFRAME: digital wireframes were built at the first place.

    • USER TEST: Tested on digital lo-fi prototype.

    • MOCKUPS & HI-FI PROTOTYPES: check it out.

    • FINAL DESIGNS: The app is still work in progress.


    • There was no brief at the first place.

    • The product itself is still iterating, so the app will have to upgrade accordingly.